It is becoming more accepted that bullying is becoming a fast growing epidemic in this country.  Children and adults alike constantly target and prey on others whom they perceive as weak.  In schools, they may call them names, physically hurt or even terrorize them.  Perpetual bullying results can lead to “physical injury, social problems, emotional problems, […]


Lately in the middle of the night …the sky outside isn’t the only thing that’s dark …the feeling of love is as far away as the moon …that empty feeling is as vast as this galaxy that surrounds this earth …clouds of formless thoughts and feelings continuously passes through …the idea of hope seems like […]


So as all my readers know by now, I have depression or as most recently I have depressive episodes which means that there is always an undercurrent of sadness that is always lingering, big flare-ups, as I tend to think about them, that happens only occasionally. When I first started at community college in 2010, […]


How should one feel leaving a place that leaves a loved one behind that they may never see again? Leaving. Leaving behind a home.  A home that belongs to someone that I love.  Someone that I may never see alive again. Fear. Fear mixed with guilt because of a lack in my faith that I […]